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Akti Paros & Spiros Restaurant Naousa Τ.Κ. 84401 Paros
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Akti Paros & Spiros Restaurant Naousa Τ.Κ. 84401 Paros

(+30) 22840 52327

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Welcome to Akti Naoussa Paros!

In 1966, Vionis family opened the first Taverna-Restaurant in the traditional village of Naoussa. The exceptional service, the friendly, family atmosphere and our local Paros products, were greatly appreciated by our foreign visitors, but most importantly by the people of Paros themselves, since the beginning.

Spiros Vionis continued the family’s tradition in 1991 by opening a new Restaurant on Limnes beach, in the gulf of Naoussa. Our restaurant is renovated and upgraded, according to contemporary standards
and the growing needs of visitors on the island of Paros.

In 2008, the owner proceeded new establishment, according to quality standards, comfort and the warm atmosphere. “Akti” is a superb and beautifully organized area, suitable for social events.

Akti offers traditional Greek dishes, made with our own products.Since 2014 we continue our efforts for a best-value quality service, full of new ideas and surprises, affordable for every Parian, Greek or foreign visitor.

Location Akti

Akti reception hall and Akti traditional Cycladic apartments, are located in the northwest place of Paros Island, within walking distance from the stunning “Kolymbithres” beach (only 2.5 km from the fishing Naoussa village).
«Akti» offers a panoramic view of Naoussa’s bay that will delight your senses. The location of «Akti» is unique, especially for social events, for you and your loved ones.
You will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, which is ideal for photos and joyful festive moments.
Located near the famous «Kolymbithres» beach «Akti» is located close to the famous “Kolymbithres” beach, a wild-almost lunar-landscape, with
many small beaches with clear waters.
The ideal, dreamy location for peaceful and quiet moments!

History of Paros

Cyclades, Paros

The island of Paros was named after the leader of the Arcadian tribe, who occupied Paros in the 10th century BC.
The culture that developed in Paros dates back to the Early Cycladic period. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times, however the most glorious era in the history of the island was during the 8th century BC. when Paros became a great naval power.
In ancient times, Paros was famous for its excellent quality marble that became a very popular material for architects and sculptors in all the cities of the ancient world. During the Persian Wars, Paros allied with the Persians, which would later provoke retaliation against the Athenians. In 338 BC. the island came under the control of the Macedonian state and later of
Ptolemy and the Romans. In 1207 it was conquered by the Venetians and the Turks in 1537.In 1770 the Russians occupied the island and held it for seven years, however, the Turks occupied it again and their rule lasted until the union of the island with Greece in 1830.

Paros Beaches

The most beautiful beaches of Paros There are beaches to the right and left of the port. The beaches protected by meltemi, Kaminia, Krio and Agios Fokas can be found in the NW of Parikia. You will get there by car or better by small traditional ferries departing from the port.

In the bay of Naoussa is Kolimbithres, the most beautiful beach of Paros, protected from the north. You will go there from Naoussa by boat, weather permitting, or you will approach them by car. On the east coast are the beaches of Ambela, Glyfada, Tsoukalia, Kefalos and the wonderful beaches of Piso Livadi, Logaras, Pounta, Chrysi Akti and Drio.

On the southwest coast there is the beach of Alyki, and opposite Antiparos, on the west coast the beach of Pounta.

Areas and villages in Paros

Agkaria, 14 km south of Parikia.
It is the largest village in southern Paros. It has a rural doctor office.

Aliki, 16km. South of Parikia and 2 km from Akaria.
Tourist center with nice and long sandy beach.

Ambelas, 16 km NE of Paros.
It has a nice beach with traditional fish taverns.

Drios, 25 km SW of Parikia.
Area with green and running waters and beautiful beach. Opposite is the small Dryonisi, suitable for fishing.

Elita, 3 km A of Parikia.
Small village

Kolimbithres, 8km NE of Parikia.
It is the most beautiful beach of Paros with the wonderful sandy beach that is surrounded by huge rocks.

Costos, 8 km A of Parikia.
It is the homeland of the great teacher Athanasios of Paris.

Lefkes, 11 km A of Parikia.
The most beautiful village of Paros, built amphitheatrically on a hill, with its whitewashed houses and magnificent old churches and monasteries. It is worth visiting the Holy Trinity and the monastery of Agios Ioannis Kaparos, of the 16th century.

Logaras, 18.5 km SE of Parikia
close to the back Meadow, but with less traffic than that.

Marathi, 5 km A of Parikia.
To the right of this village are the ancient quarries of the famous Parian marble with which many sculptural masterpieces of the classical era were made.

Marpissa (or Tsipidos), 16 km SE of Parikia.
Picturesque village and monasteries. Remarkable is the church of the Transfiguration and the Forerunner and St. John the Forerunner and St. Anthony with the magnificent catholic.

Longovarda Monastery, 5 km NE of Parikia
. Built in the 17th century, it has beautiful frescoes in the katholikon, a library and a hagiography workshop.

Monastery of Taxiarches, 4 km NE of Parikia. Naoussa, 11 km NE of Parikia. One of the most picturesque ports of the Aegean. The small Venetian port with the ruins of the castle, the Byzantine museum, Panagia Pantanassa, Agios Ioannis the Theologian, the Monastery of Agios Georgios in Merovigli are some of the attractions you could visit.

Butterflies (or Psychopiana), 7 km south of Parikia.
Its name is due to the number of butterflies that exist nearby, in summer, and that when they shake a tree or bush, they all fly together, creating a beautiful and rare spectacle.

Piso Livadi, 18 km SE of Parikia.
You will find one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Pounta, 9 km A of Parikia.
Beach full of people and with fun that starts in the afternoon with loud music and summer cocktails. In summer, every half hour, a boat takes you to Antiparos.

Prodromos, 15 km A of Parikia.
The village owes its name to the church of Prodromos, of the 17th century BC.

Chrysi Akti, 23 km, SE of Parikia.
Wonderful beach with many options in taverns and good food.

Parikia, Paros

The capital of Paros, Parikia is one of the main ports of the Cyclades with frequent connections to almost all other islands. The main landmark of Parikia is Panagia Ekatontapyliani, a large Byzantine church dedicated to
Panagia. It is one of the most important early Christian monuments in Greece.

According to the legend, it was built by Saint Helen (the mother of the great emperor Constantine the Great). Ekatontapyliani houses the Byzantine Museum which exhibits a beautiful collection of valuable icons and religious relics dating from the post-Byzantine period.Very close to Panagia Ekatontapyliani is the Archaeological Museum that includes many finds from the Neolithic to Roman times.

The most important exhibits of this museum are: (a) the marble statue of the Mermaid Gorgo which according to legend is a monster that frightens and petrifies anyone who encounters it. (b) the marble statue of Victory (Victory) whose head, arms and wings are missing. (c) The colossal marble statue of Artemis from Delia in Paros (d) A marble statue of a crown with a tunic dating to the 6th century BC.

In Parikia it is also worth visiting the area of the Venetian castle that still stands proudly above Parikia. Up there, you can see the foundations of the ancient temple of Demetra and many old picturesque churches.

Along the main coastal road, which runs south and on the hill of Agia Anna, there are also the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Pythian Apollo and a place of worship of the medical god Asclepius.

The remains date back to the 4th century BC. and consist of an open-air temple built around a fountain. Above Parikia, on the mountain slope, is the monastery of Agioi Anargyroi with wonderful views of the sea and the city.

Fun and Sports in Paros

Sports and Activities in Paros

Windsurfing – Kite boarding
You can rent equipment or take lessons on the beaches of Parikia. Wind-serfing in Chrysi Akti and swimming pools – skiing – and water sports


The shores of Paros are suitable for snorkeling and all kinds of fishing. In particular, we mention the beaches of Ambelas, the islets NE of Naoussa, Dryonisi opposite Dryos and the islets opposite Aliki.



There are, especially in summer, entertainment centers, small and large bars with foreign and Greek music that will entertain you until the morning hours. Taverns and restaurants with good and traditional food can be found in every corner of Paros.



The biggest festival of the island takes place on August 15 in Parikia, which is celebrated by Panagia Ekatontapyliani. The main festivals are the Holy Trinity and St. John the Theologian (August 29) in Lefkes, on July 17 and 27 in Kostos, on August 23 and February 2, in Pantanassa in Naoussa. In the summer there is also the event “Wine and Fish Festival”. August 23 festival in Naoussa on the nine days of the Virgin Mary with performances and dances.



Paros is famous for its famous sweet wine, black or blonde. Its mizithres are also delicious. The island produces cereals, from which barley stands out due to its excellent quality. In fruit and vegetable products


There is air transportation from Athens with several routes of small planes. Paros is connected to Piraeus by daily ferry services, the frequency of which depends on the season.

It is also connected to Rafina with at least three itineraries per week. From Paros there is regular transport to Naxos, Ios and Santorini and less often to Syros, Mykonos, Heraklion, Schinoussa, Koufonisia, Amorgos, Donoussa, Sikino, Folegandros, Ikaria, Samos, Crete.

The density of itineraries depends on the season. In summer there is a connection with Tinos, Sifnos, Serifos.